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Company History

1989 Started research to determine the suitability of Japanese rice cultivation at the Ebro Delta in Catalonia region in Spain.
September 1991 Okura y Mompo S.A. was established jointly by Okura & Company and Mompo, S.A. with the investment ratio of 70% and 30% respectively.
Commercialized the product with the brand name of “MINORI”, and started its sale in major cities in Europe.
Production control, rice polishing, packaging and shipment carried out by the farmers’ cooperative, “Cooperativa Sant Jaume D’Enveija”.
May 1998 Okura & Company filed for bankrupcy protection. Mompo S.A. sold the shares.
1998 The Company’s name changed to “Okura Y Asociados Productos S.A.”
 Mr. Michio Yamanouchi appointed as the president.
 Mr. Alfonso Chelta Gisbert appointed as secretary and advisor.
2005 The farmers’ cooperative, “Cooperativa Sant Jaume D’Enveija” was taken over by the farmers’ cooperative “Camara Arrocera Amposta”, and the production control, rice polishing, packaging and shipment are now carried out by the latter.
2015 Mr. Nobuo Yamanouchi is appointed as the president.
Mr. Alfonso Chelta Gisbert appointed as vice-president and advisor.
  and this is the current situation as of today.

Message to our customers

We are the company established jointly by a Catalonian and a Japanese who promote the sale of Japanese rice for Japanese restaurants and Japanese residents in Europe.

The producing center is located in the southern part of Catalonia region, called the Ebro Delta.
This is the largest wetland area in Catalonia that extends over an area of approximately twenty five thousand hectares, of which the major part is flat land. It juts out into the Mediterranean Sea. Its unique environment and beautiful surrounding landscape change according to the season.

Although the MINORI rice that is produced in this region is an AKITAKOMACHI variety rice, it is formally registered in Spain as “OKURA” variety.
The “MINORI” is given the status of the top quality rice, thanks to the blessed fresh water whose source is the Pyrenees, to the cutting-edge rice polishing technology and to our production quality control.

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